soul mates

I never believed in soul mates.  How can there be one person in a world of billions made just for you? It never made sense to me.  And then I met him.  

You hear about these love stories where they met eyes across a crowded room and then fireworks went off and there were doves flying all around them as they had a The Notebook esque kiss.  It wasn’t anything like that, but I knew from the day I met him he was something special.  

It wasn’t until a few months later I knew he was the one.  We were walking around Target and somehow ended up in the kids toys department.  I wandered off down the next aisle and found some hula hoops.  Naturally I picked one up and started hula hooping.  He came around the corner to find me, saw me hula hooping, grabbed one for himself and joined in.  There we were hula hooping in the middle of the toy aisle in Target together.  At that moment when I looked over and he just smiled at me, I knew that he was the one.  

If that isn’t a soul mate, I don’t know what is.