Just a Darling Life // From Jennifer's Kitchen Collaboration: Baked Brie and Hot Pepper Jelly

Hi guys!  I know it has been a looooong time since I gave you guys any new recipes but I have a good excuse! I had brain surgery!  Without getting too into it in this post, I have a very rare disease called Cushing's Disease that is caused by an itty bitty tumor on my pituitary.  It causes all sorts of crap to go wrong in your body so the last few months have been primarily focused on my health.

But with that said, I give you this AWESOME collaboration that I did a while back with From Jennifer's Kitchen.  I teased it on my Instagram but now I am giving you all the juicy details and drool worthy pictures!

Strawberry Mojitos

After our 4th of July BBQ we still had a ton of these delicious strawberries left over.  So what did we do with them?  Made Strawberry Mojitos of course!  The Mr whipped these babies up and boy oh boy were they delicious!  It was a nice summery twist on the regular mojito and needless to say we will be making these again.

Wingfest: A Tasting of our Favorite Wings, Hot Sauces, and BBQ Sauces

So recently the Mr has been obsessed with a YouTube show called First We Feast: Hot Ones.  Basically it is a talk show where a celebrity is getting interviewed and while they are answering questions, they are eating chicken wings that are in hot sauces that are continually getting hotter.  Well that has since lead to a massive variety of hot sauces and BBQ sauces that currently reside in our fridge.  And from that, WINGFEST was born.

Spicy BBQ Grilled Chicken Drumsticks

We have been on a hot sauce/BBQ sauce kick lately trying all sorts of different ones and for us, the spicier the better!  We went on a mission the other day to pretty much all of the stores in Alameda and got all sorts of different hot sauces and BBQ sauces.

TAMALE Tuesday! Pork Carnitas Tamales

Screw Taco Tuesday, it's TAMALE Tuesday in our house!  I don't think it is any secret that we are huge Mexican food fans in our house.  Every Christmas Eve my mom would go get these delicious tamales from a little old Mexican lady who made them in her kitchen and I have never found any tamales in my life that have even come close to the flavor that those had.