DIY Fabric Fringe Garland

So I am first to admit that I save waaaaay to many fabric scraps and tell myself I will find something to do with them, eventually!  Well, I finally figured out what to do with them!  I made this Fabric Fringe Garland to hang above our bed!  We don't have a headboard (I have these crazy dreams of designing and making our own upholstered one that have not become reality yet) and in our old place I had a giant gallery wall of pictures in the place of a headboard.  But since we moved to the Bay Area, it is not recommended to have anything that could fall on you above your bed since it is serious earthquake territory.  So here you have it, our Fabric Fringe Garland, aka our new "headboard"!

[What you need]

fabric scraps, I had about 1 yard, cut up into random and weirdly sized pieces of 3 different fabrics
rope, to center above our king size bed, I used 8 feet and bought it for about $0.50/ft at Home Depot.

[What to do]

Tie a large, loose knot on each end of your rope.  Then cut or rip strips of fabric about 1" x 24" thick in all of your fabric.  Mine were definitely no where near perfect, some were shorter and some were longer.  And because of the weirdly shaped pieces of fabric I had, some had awkward cutouts in them or tears but I just kind of went with it.

Take a group strips, I ended up doing about 3-4 piles total of each of the different fabrics so I just separated the strips into that many piles to create these tassels.  Fold them over the rope and tie them off with a small scrap of coordinating fabric, right under the rope.  Continue doing this alternating different fabric bunches until you fill your rope.

Hang on the wall with 2 nails and you are done!  It took maybe an hour total to complete and completely changed how our bedroom looks.  And it only cost me about $4 in total cost because I used fabric scraps I had at home already!  And All three fabrics were completely different.  One was a super thin, muslin type fabric, one was a heavier linen, and one was a lace but together, they all seemed to work together with the rope to give some texture to our bedroom!


  1. Lovely ! I'm gine a try this ! Thanks to Share :)

    1. Thank you!! I would love to see pictures of yours when you do it!!

  2. love it ! thanks for sharing :)