At Just a Darling Life we believe that life can be beautiful inside and out.  Whether it’s a fashionable find to an elegant dinner party, we promise to provide you with a daily dose of all things darling.  Our Just a Darling Life team is here to help you live a darling life by providing you with inspiration and fabulousness.  Some days are just better spent wearing sky high heels, hot pink lipstick and of course, something just darling!


Just A Darling Life is the creative baby of our founder and creative director, Emma Rose Hancock.  She grew up with the creative influence of her mom with an interior design background and her dad with a marketing background, both fields that encourage thinking out of the box.  From demanding a sunflower print dress to wear in the winter to insisting her purple suede cowboy boots were the appropriate shoe choice for any occasion when she was five, there was no doubt she would end up in fashion.

Emma has a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Clothing and Textiles from California State University, Long Beach.  She also spent a summer studying fashion trends at Mod'Spe, one of the top fashion schools in Paris, France.  Though her educational background is focused in fashion, her true passion is surrounding herself with beautiful people and beautiful things.  Whether it be clothes, home decor, or food, she finds a way to make it into a darling asset in her life.  Beauty and inspiration surround this budget friendly creative in her quest to make all aspects of her life (and yours!) just darling.


Want to be featured on Just a Darling Life?  Have a darling little DIY project or fabulous find?  The Just a Darling Life team is always on the look out for something shiny and new!  Send an email to our creative team at emma@justadarlinglife.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


Do you like a DIY or graphic you see on our site?  Just want some inspiration or help planning your wedding or latest party?  Love all those quote prints you see on Pinterest but what some help creating the perfect one to match your house?  Think a DIY is just darling but you didn't get the crafting gene and need some more help?

Fabulous news!  We are here to help you!  On the creative platform, there is no project to big or too small for us.  We are here to help make all your fashion, food, DIY, decorating, party planning and entertaining ideas come to life!  Shoot our creative director and email at emma@justadarlinglife.com and we will work with your budget to make your creative dreams come true!