Just a Darling Life // From Jennifer's Kitchen Collaboration: Baked Brie and Hot Pepper Jelly

Hi guys!  I know it has been a looooong time since I gave you guys any new recipes but I have a good excuse! I had brain surgery!  Without getting too into it in this post, I have a very rare disease called Cushing's Disease that is caused by an itty bitty tumor on my pituitary.  It causes all sorts of crap to go wrong in your body so the last few months have been primarily focused on my health.

But with that said, I give you this AWESOME collaboration that I did a while back with From Jennifer's Kitchen.  I teased it on my Instagram but now I am giving you all the juicy details and drool worthy pictures!

From Jennifer's Kitchen makes delicious pepper jellies that are seriously to die for!  I teamed up with her to test out her Hot Confetti Pepper Jelly and come up with a recipe to go along with it.  You can find out more information about all of her pepper jellies on her website and shop them on Amazon.  So now I give you: Baked Brie with Hot Confetti Pepper Jelly wrapped in Pastry.  This is one of the easiest things to throw together in a hurry that will impress all of your guests.  That is if you can even share this and not eat it all yourself!

What you need:

Pastry dough, crescent roll dough works great and is super easy
From Jennifer's Kitchen Pepper Jelly
1 egg for egg wash

What to do:

Lay out the pastry dough and spread the pepper jelly on it.  Add the brie into the middle and add some more pepper jelly on top.  Wrap it all up and brush with egg wash.  Bake at 350 until golden brown.  Serve warm and right out of the oven with your favorite crackers.


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