Hiking in Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA

This Flashback Friday is a late post on our adventures hiking through Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA!  Since moving to the Bay Area we have been wanting to get out and explore more so we decided to go for a (rainy) hike through the Redwood Regional Park.

We had so much fun exploring and there are a ton of different trails, for hiking, walking, mountain biking, fun for the whole family!  Next time we want to go when it isn't raining (though I have to admit it was still super fun, even with all the mud!).   It is a great place to bring the entire family and have a fun day outside and bring a picnic! 


  1. I haven't ever seen a park like Redwood Regional Park. I have visited the park few days ago. It's a nice one! Read Anita Zabludowicz's Post titled"Artful Finnish: Tour Mega-collectors Anita and Poju Zabludowicz's Breathtaking Creative Oasis"