DIY: Matchbox Makeover

In a world that is consumed by so many pretty things, why have an ugly matchbox sitting around?  Here we give you a super easy (and inexpensive!) way to give your boring old matchboxes a little DIY makeover to make them oh-so-DARLING!

[What you need]

Scrapbook paper
Hot glue (any type will do but hot glue makes it super easy)
Scissors or a paper cutter
Stickers, washi tape, glitter, anything you wish to use as decoration, optional

[What to do]

Cut the scrapbook paper to the width of the matchbox you wish to cover.  Wrap it around the matchbox on 3 of the 4 sides, leaving the side with the striking surface open so that you can still light your matches.  Glue down.  Decorate with stickers, decals, washi tape, glitter or anything you wish to use as added decoration.