Salty Pear Cocktail - A fabulous recipe from Guest Blogger Kristina of The Wilderess!

When Kristina Kochan, the amazing woman behind Wilderess [if you haven't checked out her candles, lip balms, and vintage jewelry yet, you are missing out!] posted a picture of some oh-so-delicious looking Salty Pear Cocktails, well, we just HAD to know how she made them!  Luckily she was just as excited as we were about writing a post on them as a Guest Blogger for us!  So mix up some of these Salty Pear Cocktails, and head over to Wilderess and shop your little heart out!

I first tasted a Salty Pear cocktail at a local restaurant my boyfriend and I love frequenting. It was sweet, refreshing and sophisticated, but expensive! I’m always up for the challenge of deconstructing things I try and making them my own so I, of course, decided I needed to give my new favorite cocktail a go! Now, I’m usually a gin and tonic kind of girl if I’m drinking any hard alcohol, but this drink is so yummy you will want to share it with everyone! - Kristina

[What you need]

2 Bowls
Pear Vodka (I used Smirnoff for $11.99 at Bevmo)
St. Germain ($33.99 at Bevo…I know. It hurts.)
Pineapple Juice
Martini or glass of your choice
1 Double shot glass (for measuring)
Paper Towel

[What to do]

Recipe yields 2 

First, you’ll want to prepare your station. Add ice to your shaker, fill one bowl with water (halfway), and fill the other bowl with an equal parts salt and sugar mixture. Be sure you mix the salt and sugar thoroughly. Fold your paper towel and set it next to your water bowl. Take your glass of choice and dip the rim into the water bowl. Be careful not to dip it in too deeply. Blot it on your paper towel before dipping it into the salt and sugar mixture. This will create a sweet n’ salty rim for your cocktail.

Next, you’ll want to measure out two double shots of pear vodka and pour it into your shaker. Then, measure out two double shots of St. Germain and pour it into your shaker. If you shaker is a standard size (i.e. the kind that yield approximately two cocktails), fill the rest of the shaker with pineapple juice. Shake thoroughly, strain, and pour into your glasses. I even let mine sit in the shaker for a couple minutes to make sure it gets chilled well.

Now, enjoy your delicious cocktail! You’ll definitely impress your next house guests with this refreshing drink!


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