My Daily Makeup Must Haves!

I know I am not the only one who has those mornings where we just don't have time to get all glammed up for the day with a team of people like Kim Kardashian.  Some mornings you have to throw on just a few of the essentials to make yourself not look like you just rolled out of bed 5 minutes prior.  I have put together a list of the daily makeup essentials I can't live without. 

 This Lorac pressed powder is AMAZING.  I don't know how many powders I have tried over the years and absolutely nothing compares.  Also, its on sale for only $12!  You can't beat that!
I use this Maybelline eyeshadow on my brows to define them more.  It's crazy how giving your eyebrows a little dimension and color make you look so much more awake in the morning, even if you are feeling like you're still half asleep.

The Laura Mercier primer is the perfect setting for your makeup looks.  It evens out your skin and makes any and all makeup last longer and look fresh all day! 

A little lipstick can go a long way!  By just putting on a little pink lipstick makes you look put together like you are ready to take on your day!  This Chanel lipstick is my go-to-must-have.  It stays on all day and you can can go run your errands and know that you look pretty fab with a little light pink lipstick.

Oh of all things that are holy, this is the absolute BEST foundation there is.  This Maybelline matte mouse foundation is incredibly light, if you put it on with a brush and then top it off with the Lorac pressed powder you will feel like you aren't  even wearing makeup at all.  I usually just put a little under my eyes, and in my t-zone and call it good.  It covers so well, and a little definitely goes a long way!

I think since I started wearing makeup in like junior high school I have been on the quest for the perfect mascara.  And just about a month ago, I finally found it!  This Vincent Longo "the curl" mascara is seriously, a gift from god.  It does everything, curls, lengthens, and gives volume to your lashes!  If you don't have time to do a fabulous cat eye with some smokey lids, put on a little of this mascara and it will do wonders.

I don't know about you, but it seems like every morning I am in a hurry, I look sickly pale.  This cream Chanel blush adds a little pink to my checks and gives me a little color.

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