Metallic Reclaimed Wood Log Votive Holders

I have been wanting some wood candle holders for a while now, but just never fell in love with any I have been seeing in stores.  I have been slightly obsessed with the idea of dipping things halfway in metallic paint (I've got this great idea for a new media stand for our living room half painted metallic silver).  Well from that came our latest DIY project:  Metallic Reclaimed Wood Log Votive Holders. 

[What you need]

An old log
Silver metallic paint

[What to do]

Cut your log into a variety of different heights.  Sand the cut edges so that they are smooth.  Drill out holes in the top that your candles will fit in.  You can get drill bits that drill out wide holes like that at Home Depot which makes it totally easy.  Then paint the bottom portions of the logs with metallic paint and put your candles in and enjoy!


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