diy. coffee filter peonies

These DIY Peonies are super easy but carry a big impact when you put them out in your house!  For only a few dollars you can whip up a bouquet of these coffee filter peonies for flowers that are always looking good and never die! 

[What you need]

coffee filters
floral tape
hot glue/hot glue gun

[What to do]

First, grab a stack of coffee filters and flatten them out so that they look like a circle.  Divide your stack in two and trim about an inch off all around one of your stacks so that you have 2 different sized circles.

Then about 3-4 circles at a time, fold them in half, then in half again, and then in half again.  Next use your scissors to to cut a curved "m" or 2 scallops into the edge.  When you open them up, all the edges around the circle should be scalloped.  Continue to do this with all of the circles, both the smaller and the larger sizes.

Cut a piece of wire about 12"-14" long or however long you want the "steam" of your flower to be.  make a small loop at the top of the wire and add a drop of hot glue on it.  Next, starting with the smaller size circles, poke the wire through the center and pull them up around the looped end of the wire.  The hot glue will keep the first circles from pulling all the way off the end of the wire.  Continue pulling on the circles doing the small ones first (about 10-15 of them) and then the large ones (about 15) of them until your flower is the fullness that you like.

Add another drop of hot glue at the base of your flower when you have it looking the way you like to keep them from sliding down the wire.  Then wrap the wire with floral tape and you're good to go!

I made 8 of them at different heights of steams and only used 1 pack of coffee filters.

Once you make your first flower and get the hang of how they go together, you will be able to make a whole bouquet in no time at all, the most time consuming part is cutting the scalloped edge on the coffee filters!