DIY: Cork Coasters

Coasters are something that everyone needs, and these DIY Cork Coasters are super cute, trendy, incredibly simple to make, and best of all, they're really cheap! You can tie them up with a ribbon and they make for the perfect last minute gift for the host.

[What you need]

Circular cork coasters
Black sharpie
Circle stencil

[What to do]

First off, a note on where to buy circular cork coasters: They sell a 4 pack of them at Michaels but they are really thin pieces of cork.  I found some I liked better at the dollar store, and they were cheaper, they were only a dollar for all 4!

Next, decide what kind of patterns you want to put on each coaster.  I made one a chevron pattern, one stripes, one open circles and the last one filled in circles.

Use the Sharpie, ruler and circle stencil to draw your patterns onto the cork.  And you are done! I told you it was easy.  Make sure you let them dry completely before you put any cold drinks on them so that the ink doesn't run.  I didn't have a problem with this, but I made them one evening and then waited until the next day to start using them.