DIY: Ombre Blue Pots with Silver Foil Geometric Prints

I have been wanting to make an herb garden on my [all concrete] patio but lets just say, terracotta pots just aren't quite my style.  Well, over-priced stained pots aren't quite my style either, especially since the ones I really want are the ones with silver foil on them!  So once again I started on my quest to DIY some cute pots.  Well, I may be impartial since I made them, but I think they turned out pretty good!  Blues, ombre, silver foil, what's not to love!!

[What you need]

Terracotta pots [with saucers] in varying sizes
Your favorite blue paint [I used a tiffany blue paint I had left over from another project]
Black paint
White Paint
Metallic silver tissue paper***

***a cheaper alternative to the expensive silver foil you can buy at Michael's

[What to do]

I made three different shades of blue to create an ombre in the collection of pots.  To do so, put your blue paint in three (or however many different shades you want) different cups.  Set one of them aside, because that is the the middle shade you will use.  Then add white paint to one of the cups and black paint to the other cup to create a blue one shade lighter and a blue one shade darker.

Paint your pots and let them dry.

To create the geometric silver prints, cut the shapes you want to use out of the silver tissue paper.  Using a paint brush, paint the glue onto the back of the tissue and place them on the pots where you want them.

Now, plant some herbs, succulents, or flowers and enjoy your colorful potted garden!

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