DIY Ombre Glitter Shoes

I love me some glitter!  What is not to love about this DIY?  It has two of my favorite things: shoes and glitter!  Why wear boring old white tennis shoes when you can fancy them up with some glitter!  The best part is, the glitter doesn't flake off like on some other glitter DIY projects, this way you won't leave a trail of glitter everywhere you go.  On second thought, that might not be a bad thing....

[What you need]

White tennis shoes
Silver metallic paint
Extra fine silver glitter
Mod Podge (glossy finish)
Paint brushes
Painters tape

[What to do]

First things first, take the laces out of your shoes and set them aside.  Then using the painters tape, tape off the soles of your shoes so you don't get the glitter and paint on them.

Paint the top third of your shoes with the silver metallic paint, making it darker at the toe and getting lighter as you go down the shoes.

Mix your glitter with the Mod Podge and paint it on top of the silver paint in a similar fashion.  You may have to do more than one coat of the glitter to get it to the levels that you like.  Let them dry completely and then replace your laces and you're all done!


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