Darling or Disastrous: 2014 Primetime Emmys

Last night was the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards and oh how it differed from Sunday nights VMA's Red Carpet!  There was nothing but elegance and grace walking the red carpet at the Emmys, and well a few disasters but at least they were fully clothed!  Who was your favorite on the red carpet?

DARLING: Claire Danes was a lady in red! Red was the color of choice on the red carpet last night and boy did she rock it!  The somewhat conservative gown had just the right amount of sexiness added to it with the lace cutouts on the waist (did it remind anyone else of Kim K's wedding dress?)

DARLING: The first time monmy-to-be Hayden Panettiere looked absolutely stunning in a sequined deep-v necklined beaded dress.  She was the envy of every preggers woman everywhere because she could both rock the baby bump and a formal dress at the same time! Oh and she revealed she's having a little girl, congrats Hayden!

DARLING:  Really? Can she do no wrong? Heidi Klum was picture perfect relaxed beauty as she walked the carpet (with her dress designer, Zac Posen).  She was all about the comfort and boy did it pay off!  Who says you can't look totally fab and be comfortable at the same time?

DARLING: Hellllllllooooo legs!! Julie Roberts proved once again to us that she just doesn't age.  We could not get enough of this navy blue beaded short dress she wore on the red carpet last night.  She may be the perfect woman.

DISASTROUS:  Not to be a hater on OITNB but we just really weren't feeling this sculptured green and blue dress on Laura Prepon.  The fabric was just a little too shiny, and it looked like it needed to be a little tighter in the butt and thighs to make the mermaid bottom stand out a little more.  I mean we have all seen her on OITNB, we know she could rock anything!  But what is going on with that flappy thing on the shoulder?  Just not feeling this one that much.

DISASTROUS:  Ok I am all about a good ombre, and especially a pink one at that! But I just have no words for Lena Dunham's Emmys red carpet dress.  All I can think is just "EW"  The tailored shirt with the giant fluffy skirt could not have been more unflattering on her.  I have never been more disappointed in a pink ombre before.

DISASTROUS: The dress itself isn't THAT bad, its mostly just the print.  Its not really working with the pin ups in the dress.  Louise Roe is so pretty and has legs for days, she could have made a seriously (good) fashion statement in a different dress

DISASTROUS: It took some serious self confidence for Mayim Bialik to wear this down the red carpet.  Loving the color, not so much the dress.  It was just too much dress for anyone to wear!  Can you imagine how hard it must have been to sit in the limo on the way over to the Emmys?  And how hot she must have been walking the red carpet!  It just wasn't the right dress for her or for the occasion.

DARLING: Sarah Hyland was pure perfection last night.  She is definitely our favorite and Best Dressed of the evening!  The conservative crop top with the elegant long skirt?  Seriously, I think I'm in love!  This ensemble in all white would be perfect for a modern day bride, I'm just saying, keep it in mind ladies! And how she rocked a big sock bun on the top of her hair just paired perfectly with it.  Gorgeous.

DISASTROUS: We aren't even really sure what Sarah Paulson is actually wearing!  It's black, and fuzzy, and looks kinda hairy almost with specks of red?  We just can't support this in any way shape or form.  Just no. 

DISASTROUS: There are just too many things going on with Taissa Farminga's dress! the bottom half is totally Beyonce's dress at the Grammys and we LOVE it, but what is going on at the top?  Just not down with paint brush stroked black on the top and how you can see it through the lace on the skirt part too.

DARLING:  Ok now here is an OITNB star's dress we can get on board with!  The nude sequined dress Taylor Schilling wore on the red carpet was just stunning.  The neckline, the beading, everything!  And her beauty game was totally on point too with that hair and makeup!

DISASTROUS:  Neon has so already been done! Tayonah Parris's neon dress was just a miss.  I mean even though we are a little over the neon, had the top part been the same neon as the bottom it totally would not have been that bad.  Its the dated stripped top that did her in to land her on our Disastrous list.

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