DIY Bathroom Shelving (West Elm inspired for a fraction of the price!)

I first want to start this with an apology for having not so great photos/pictures taken at weird angles.  I have a really small bathroom so it was hard to get all the shelves into a picture!  Now, with that out of the way, I give to you DIY Bathroom (or really any room for that matter) Shelving!  I really liked how these West Elm shelves looked, but they were so expensive.  There was no way I was about to pay that much for something I could totally DIY for like a fraction of the cost.  I was originally wanting to do all white floating shelves, but was on a strict budget and out came these shelves.

The boards were super cheap at Home Depot,  we bought the cheap brackets (seriously, they are like $2 each or something), and we used stain we had leftover from from our DIY West Elm Inspired Coffee Table project we did a while ago.  A note on the brackets, Home Depot has a version closer in style to the West Elm ones, but we were all about doing it on a budget and when you are buying 6 of them, they can jack up your over all project costs pretty quickly so we decided to stick with the less expensive ones.

[What you need]

3 boards in the size you want your shelves (we used the 12" "common boards" and got a long one and cut it into 3 equal lengths)
6 brackets
brown stain
screws and anchors

[What to do]

First things first get your boards cut to the length that you want.  Then sand them down and round off the edges and corners slightly to make them smooth.  Stain both sides of all the boards.  We used an indoor/outdoor stain so it would be a little water resistant, being in the bathroom and all.

Attach your brackets to the boards with screws (make sure you measure so all the brackets line up!) and then attach them to the wall with screws and anchors!  It is seriously that easy!  The hardest part is being too impatient for the stain to dry and wanting to get them done! haha

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