DIY Gold Foil Prints

I have been seeing these Gold Foil Prints all over Pinterest and have been loving them.  I thought to myself, "I could totally DIY those" so it was off to the craft store I went!  Beverly's Crafts had these awesome rolls of foil made just for prints like these!  I got the gold one, but they had a bunch of different colors, and they were on sale, so score!  I think my favorite part of this DIY is that you can make ANYTHING you want into a Gold Foil Print!

[What you need]

craft gold foil
heat laminator
carrier for the laminator
the prints you want to make into gold foil, printed in black in toner from a laser printer

[What to do]

The key to this DIY is to make sure your prints are printed on a laser printer.  It is something in the toner that the gold foil sticks with.  Cut a piece of the gold foil and place it gold side up on top of your print.

Place the print with the gold foil on top of it in the laminator carrier and run it through your heat laminator.  I ended up running it through 2-3 times to make sure it was good and heated.  Then peel off the gold foil, and what you're left with is the gold foil just where the ink was!  It is as easy as that!

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