Alameda Flea Market

Well it is no secret that I am a lover of thrifting, vintage, DIY projects, rustic and industrial and the Alameda Flea Market is like the mecca of all these things!  Ever since moving to the Bay Area became a possibility, going to the Alameda Flea Market has been on the top of my list of things to do.  So when we ended up moving to Alameda, I was so excited it was going to become a regular event in my life!

The flea market is the first Sunday of every month, we didn't get the chance to go this past weekend, but here are some of the pictures from the last time we went!  They have a tiered pay scale, where if you get there super early its $15 to get in but if you go after 9am it's only $5 to get in.

Bring cash with you, they have a few ATMs scattered around but I'm sure they have crazy fees attached to them so best to come prepared.  There are also a TON of awesome food trucks through out the market, all of which smelled amazing.  We kept seeing people walking around with the most delicious food from all of them.

This would seriously up my bar cart game!  Like how amazingly awesome is this?! 

I'm kinda a sucker for old wood crates, and that "179" number is just to die for! 

Yes please, I will take it all! 


  1. I'm definitely coming up to visit on a flea market weekend! Can't wait!!

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