DIY Coat Tree

So since we moved to the Bay Area, I have it in my mind that a coat/hat rack is a complete necessity in our life.  I have this picture perfect image of coming home and putting my cute little pea coat and hat on a coat tree by our front door.  So even though it's summer and has been unusually hot (like WTF it's been in the 80s!) I still decided that a DIY Coat Tree was in my future.  With that said, this was definitely one of the easiest DIY's I have done.  I did it in an afternoon with minimal work and using paint I already had at home (making it super cheap BTW)

[What you need]

4 wood poles, 6 feet long
blue paint
silver paint
painters tape

[What to do]

I bought my poles at Home Depot, you can buy them by the foot and cut them all to size right there at the store, making it incredibly easy when you get home!.  I then slightly sanded the ends of the poles so they weren't rough.

Then paint the poles with the paint of your choice.  I used a navy/grey blue color paint I had left over from our wine rack.  When the paint is dry, tape off 12 inches from one end of the poles and paint the end with the silver paint.  Remove the tape and let dry completely.  

Lay all 4 poles together and about 16" inches from the top, wrap the rope around them and tie in a knot.  Separate the poles at the bottom and place where you want it.  Literally, that's it!  So easy!

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