Trip to the Original William's Sonoma Store in Sonoma, CA

When I found out that the original William's Sonoma store was still in Sonoma, I just HAD to go.  It was like a pilgrimage to the mother ship, it was so amazing I'm not sure if it was real or if i dreamed the entire thing.  Thankfully for iphones, I have proof it wasn't all a dream and you can go visit it too!

These wall was filled with vintage copper pieces, I wanted nothing more than to have them all so I could recreate it in my own house.

The all marble kitchen was pretty much to die for.  I am totally having a thing for marble right now and I loved how they mixed some of their new products with old vintage ones!

Smore's kits, does it get any cuter than this?! No, it doesn't.

This outdoor pizza oven is literally what dreams are made of.

Can you believe that this entire table setting is plastic?  They took picnic ware to a whole new level.

They have a giant test kitchen for demonstrations and you can take cooking classes in it!  I have a feeling I will definitely be back to take a cooking class.

Yes please, I will take it!

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  1. These photos are so beautiful, I feel like I have been there.