Mini Whole Wheat Grilled Chicken Sliders

Hello summer!  Which you know what that means, it's grilling season!  And may I say, I'm pretty sure this is my favorite season (not that it really matters what time of year, we are always grilling).  And what is right around the corner, the 4th of July!  Only like the best grilling holiday of them all!
 But all of those summer grill outs get really start to get a little boring (and not to mention hurt the waistband! haha).  You can only have hamburgers and hot dogs so many times before they all start tasting the same.  Well I am here to the rescue!  Impress all of your guests at your 4th of July parties with these whole wheat grilled chicken sliders!

I know what you're thinking, "ummm that sounds a little too healthy to be any good".  Well, you're wrong!  I am a self professed carb lover over here and let me tell you, these will hold their own next to any old hamburger.  Set up a bar of toppings (guacamole is a must!) and let your guests customize them to their hearts desire!  And when they are slider size, you can eat 2-3 and not feel that guilty!

It's all about the sauces, ranch, bbq, cilantro the possibilities are endless!

Marinate your chicken in a mesquite marinade and throw it on the grill, it will taste delicious with any combination of toppings!

Throw on a slice of cheese and some guacamole and you have got yourself one delicious slider!

Ranch, delicious!  Arugula, delicious!  Mixed together with some grilled chicken on a wheat bun, PERFECTION!

Slices of grilled sweet potatoes make for a delicious side but can also serve as the "meat" for any vegetarian guests at the party!  And with all the different topping options, they will be just as into it as the chicken-lover guests!

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