Low Carb, Skinny, Spicy ZOODLE "Pad Thai" - Zucchini Noodles for the win!

One thing you might not know is that I have had a spiralizer for a long time now.  Zoodles has been something that I have really wanted to try and the spiralizing is the easy part, the cooking them so they aren't mush and gross, THAT is the hard part!  So I finally successfully made some zoodles!
This spicy zoodle "pad thai" is what came of my latest attempt at zoodles and it was pretty good!  The sauce is a little thick but when you toss it in the hot zoodles, they let off some liquid that thins out the sauce nicely.  And the peanuts on top give it a nice little crunch and a different texture.  

I have to say I will definitely be exploring cooking with zucchini noodles more.  If it is your first time making them and you end up in tears with zoodles that can only be described as cold, raw, and somehow also mushy, you are not alone! haha I have definitely been there and it took me a few tries, lots of dishes and some tears before I had anything that even remotely resemble a noodle.

{ What you need }

4 zucchini, spiralized
2 carrots
1 red pepper
1 onion
1/4 cup roughly chopped cilantro
1/2 cup peanuts
4 green onions, chopped
3 tablespoons avocado oil
salt and pepper

Peanut Sauce:
3-4 cloves garlic, finely minced
1/2 cup peanut butter
4 tablespoons lime juice
4 tablespoons soy sauce
3 tablespoons avocado oil
1 teaspoon ground ginger
2 teaspoons crushed red pepper

{ What to do }

Combine all the ingredients for the peanut sauce.  It will be thick but when you pour it over the zoodles, it will thin out with the liquid the zucchini lets off.  Taste and adjust the flavors to your liking (I like mine extra spicy!).

Spirialize your zucchini into a large bowl and set aside.  Using a peeler, run it length wise on your carrots to create carrot ribbons.  Chop your onion and red pepper into thin slices like match sticks.

In a large pot, sautee your onion, red pepper, and carrot in avocado oil until tender.  Add in your zoodles and mix for 1-2 minutes (don't over do it, they'll become mushy!).  Remove from heat and toss with your peanut sauce and top with chopped cilantro, peanuts, and green onions.

Chow down on your delicious low carb pad thai!

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