Fish Tacos - Quick easy weeknight dinner!

I know I say this all the time but this is seriously one of the easiest weeknight dinners there is!  Some times you just get a craving for some delicious fish tacos and it may or may not be raining outside preventing you from venturing outside to go get some.  Enter: these delicious fish tacos!  

They are made entirely from things from Trader Joes (pretty much my favorite store in the entire world).  Have you tried their beer battered halibut?  It is amazing, hence the reason I decided to make fish tacos with it!  I am new to this whole eating fish thing and so far this is as far as I have ventured but if all fish is as good as this, then I am sold!

{What you need}

Trader Joes Frozen Beer Battered Halibut
Shredded mixed cabbage
Tarter sauce

{What do to}

Lets be honest, there really isn't that much to actually do! haha Cook the halibut according to the directions on packaging.  Heat up your tortillas in a pan on the stove and assemble your tacos!  Eat and enjoy!


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