Boozy Birthday Brunch: Part 1

Since I had sooooo much fun styling, cooking for, and hosting a Boozy Birthday Brunch for my sister's 30th birthday, I decided it warranted 2 posts!  My first one (this one) is gonna have more of the decoration/decor pictures and part 2 will have more pictures of the food/meal planning to host your own brunch.  I was so excited to get the chance to host my sister's 30th birthday and if you know Lauren, you know that a Boozy Birthday Brunch was the best way to celebrate 30 whole years on this lovely planet of ours!  I couldn't have asked for a better backdrop to throw this (not so) little shin dig!  A beautifully decorated Washington D.C. townhouse with multiple exposed brick walls and an outdoor space? PURE PERFECTION!

One of the main features of our Boozy Birthday Brunch was walls of pictures of the Birthday Girl.  I emailed friends and family of the birthday girl and got pictures of her throughout her life.  Then cropped them all and put them all in black and white.

We put out a bunch of pens and let the guests write captions and sweet notes to the birthday girl on the pictures.  Printing and cutting them to look like polaroids provided a space for guests to write funny captions and memories of the birthday girl on the pictures.

I made the Happy Birthday banner myself.  For tips and help making your own customized banner (or to order one through me), or a consultation on hosting your own party or wedding you can email me at with any questions or party planning inquiries.

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  1. Such an amazing birthday party. The best part is that you have collected her pictures and displayed them on wall. Loved this idea. Well I am also going to arrange birthday party of my sister and these ideas will be useful for me to organize a themed party at NYC venues. Hope she will love party arrangements!