Boozy Birthday Brunch: Part 2

Everyone knows the best part of brunch is the food situation.  A party is not a party if it is lacking in the food area so it is important to make sure you have a simple, flavor packed menu planned!  For our Boozy Birthday Brunch, we had a few different food items, that were easy to set up as buffets for people to graze on throughout the party.

We used some paper ice cream cups with a pink chevron print on them as cups to serve a fruit salad.

A champagne punch is a MUST for a brunch!  You can find the recipe for how we made ours here.

Set up a toaster, some bagels, and different butters and cream cheeses to make a bagel bar for guests to make a bagel their way!  If you pre-cut the bagels in half, it makes it easier so that guests don't have to do so when they want to put it in the toaster.

Everyone loves donuts!!  Don't have a cake plate, but want to create different heights in your buffet?  Flip a cup upside down and hot glue a plate or platter on top of it.  The glue will hold it in place for your party but then it will easily pop off at the end of the day when you are cleaning up!

You can't have brunch without mimosas!  A new trend in brunching it is the mimosa bar.  This allows guests to pick from a few different fruit juices to make their mimosa instead of just the traditional orange juice.  (The peach mango juice was a huge hit!)

Bacon, bacon, bacon!!  It is definitely one of my favorite foods so you can guarantee it was going to make an appearance at our Boozy Birthday Brunch.  String your bacon onto skewers before you cook it in the oven and you have yourself some Bacon Kabobs!  Don't forget you have to soak skewers in water before you put the bacon on and cook them.

Cheesy potato casseroles are quick and easy to put together and are pretty maintenance free when you cook them!

Make some quiches in your mini-muffin pan to make them bite sized!  This is easy for guests to eat with their hands in a bite or two while they socialize at your party!