Guacamole Bacon Chicken "Burger"

I am not a huge fan of ground meat in general so I am always looking for a way to update my "burger" to something that doesn't use ground meat.  Behold: the Guacamole, Bacon Chicken "Burger".  Ok so it's more a sandwich than a burger because it uses a grilled chicken breast, but since it's Labor Day Weekend, a weekend full of BBQs, I'm just going to call it a burger anyway.  

[What you Need]

Chicken Breast pounded thin and marinated in your favorite marinade (I did a mesquite one)
Guacamole (bonus points if its spicy!)
Ranch Dressing
Olive Oil

[What to do]

Grill your chicken breasts.  Put a little olive oil and on the buns and throw them on the grill to give them some crunchy smoked flavor.  Pile on your ingredients into the bun and enjoy!  It really is THAT easy.  And seriously, so delicious!

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